Welcome to a small portion of the knowledge base I assembled while developing regenerative managing.

The Lexicon: For years, I conducted intensive research on strategic management, competitive advantage, enterprise management, and organization science. In the process, I assembled a small encyclopedic lexicon of the terminology and concepts in order to make sense of it all for myself. I have preserved this research for those who may care to make use of it.

The Bibliography: Also, as I conducted my research, I assembled a bibliography of knowledge sources that provides some insights I gleaned from them. 

The Multiverse: When Berrett-Koehler published our book Infinite Possibility, they prepared an interactive introductory presentation of the multiverse. So even though it is in Flash, I keep it around because I think it is so cool.

My copious and diligent years of research led to the discovery and development of regenerative managing.

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  -- Kim C. Korn