business concept

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A business concept, as defined by Gary Hamel, is a business model during its conceptualization prior to being put into practice (Hamel, 2002, pp 65-66).

Hamel's business model --
Hamel's business model is comprised of the major components of --

  • core strategy
  • strategic resources
  • customer interface
  • value network

The three ""bridge"" components of --

  • customer benefits -- intermediating between the customer interface and core strategy
  • configuration -- intermediating between the core strategy and the strategic resources
  • company boundaries -- intermediating between the strategic resources and value network

The four factors that determine its profit potential

  • efficiency
  • uniqueness
  • fit
  • profit bosters

This business model is described in detail in Hamel, 2002, pp 73-118.

The BAi business model --
The BAi business model is structured differently than Hamel's model, deriving its structure from the aspects of a social system. The models have similarities in the elements and the queries on the integration and synergy of those elements.