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A business organization is a form of community. The more an organization takes on the characteristics of a diverse health community - embracing the paradox of individualism and connectedness - the more complex and capable the organization becomes. As individuals seek to maximize their freedom and self-interests in the community, the community changes and adapts to its members. This is a coevolutionary process that is beneficial to both the individual and the community. This satisfies the individual's paradoxical needs for freedom and relationships while satisfying the community's need for members to carryout the purpose of the community.

For synergy to come from this paradox, the dominant force in the community comes from the heart of the community, its raison d'etre, not the forms and rules of the community. The raison d'etre answers the binding questions for the members - What calls us together? What do we believe is possible together that is not possible individually? What do we hope to bring forth by linking together to form a community?

Based on Wheatley, 2005