conversational processes

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Three classifications of conversational processes --
Conversation, the dynamics of the process of communicative interaction in the living present required for the emergent unstable-stability in the perpetual construction of novel futures in the living present. (Stacey, 2001, 181-183)

  • Displaying the dynamics of stability
    • conversation is patterned by habitual, highly repetitive themes
    • the conversation has little to no potential for transformation
    • identity arising in this type of conversation is continuity with little variation
    • neurotic -- conversational qualities are lifeless, depressing, even obsessive and compulsive
  • Displaying the dynamics of instability
    • coherent pattern is lost as fragments of conversation trigger other fragments of little thematic structure
    • the conversation is disintegrative, identity is destroyed
    • psychotic -- the conversational qualities are manic confusion and distress with fragmenting identity
  • Displaying the dynamics of the ""edge of chaos""
    • conversation is where patterning themes have the paradoxical characteristics of continuity and spontaneity at the same time
    • the conversation has the potential for transformation
    • the identity arising is potentially new
    • the conversational qualities are liveliness, fluidity, and energy along with a feeling of grasping at meaning and coherence
    • there is excitement at the same time as tension and anxiety