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From: Tharp, Twyla, (2008), Creativity Step by Step, Harvard Business Review, April 2008, 47-51 -- an interview with Twyla Tharp.

  • Creativity is available to everyone. Everyone can be creative but you must prepare for it with routine.
  • Don't confuse talent, genetic gifts, with creativity. The best creativity is the result of habit and hard work. And luck, of course.
  • To be creative, get busy. Don't worry so much about copying or originality. Real learning leading to insights and creative output will come.
  • Twyla's personal strategy -- keep yourself bouncing, don't allow yourself to get comfortable, don't do just what you want to do, and keep out of a rut, getting stuck.
  • All real change involves failure. If you only do what you know and do very well, chances are that you won't fail in the traditional sense, you will stagnate, your work will become less interesting and you will fail by erosion.