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This is just a collection of frameworks:

A list of ALL ENTERPRISE FRAMEWORKS (and Modeling Tools)…

My favorite enterprise framework is the Bolman/Deal Four Frame Model of an enterprise

A good framework for leadership is James Scouller's Three Levels of Leadership:

Another kind of framework, for team interaction, is Roger Schwartz's Mutual Learning approach

Yet another kind of framework, for project management, is Earned Value Mangement

Kevin (INTJ) Smith • Thanks to those who have posted in this and other Discussion groups.

FYI, this is the list I currently have of 153 “frameworks”, so please check to see if a framework is already here before you post….

* AAF, AF-EAF, AGATE, AGILE, Altus EA Framework, AM, ARCHI, ARCON, AUSDAF, BCA, BEAM, BEAM, BMM, Bolman/Deal Four Frame Model , BPEAM, BSIMM, CEA, CEAF, CIAF, CLEAR, CMMI , CMU , COBIT, CORBA, CSC Catalyst, DAD, DNDAF, DoDAF, DRAGON1, DYA, E2AF, EA3 Cube Framework, EAAF, EAB, EABOK, EAM-PC, EEAF, EIF, EIF European Interoperability Framework, EPCAF, ESAAF, ESSAF, eTOM, EVM, EXAF, FCAPS, FDIC, FDIC Sogeti Framework, FEA, FEAF, FFLV+GODS, FMLS-ADF, Fragile to Agile, FSAM, FURP, GA, GAME, GEA, GEAF, GERAM, GOD, GOPP, HEAF, IADS, IAF, IBM SDS, ICODE, IDABC, IDEAS, IFEAD, IFW, IFW, Integration Framework, ISO 20000, ISO 25010, ISO 27000, ISO 42010, IT-CMF, ITIL, Krutchen 4+1 Model View, LEAN, LFA, LMO , MACCIS, McKinsey 7S, MEGAF, MIKE2.0 , MODAF, Model-driven architecture (MDA) , MoP, MoR, MoV, MSP, Mutual Learning approach, NAF, NCOIC, NCR Enterprise Architecture Framework , NIF, NIST-EAM, NORA, OBASHI, OEAF, OIO Framework, OOPP, OSGi, P3O, PEAF, PERA, Porters 5 Forces, PPOOA, Pragmatic Marketing, Praxeme , PRINCE2, PRISM, PROMIS Framework , Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture, RAS, RASDS, RM-ODP, RWSSA, S4V, SABSA, SAGA, SAM, SAPEAF, SASSY, ScIAM, SCOR, SDLC, SEI, SGCAF, SID, Six Markets, Snow man stack, SOA, SOMA, SPIRIT Platform Blueprint Issue 3.0, SPRING, SSM, STRUTS, Systems Dynamics, TAM, TEAF, Three Levels of Leadership, TOGAF, TRAK, UADF, UDS, VALUIT, VSM, xAF, ZF,

Please also note that I am also aware of all frameworks listed at

B.B. Klaversteijn • There is a framework need for the Early Stage of Innovation. This stage is also called The Fuzzy Front End”, “Front End Innovation”, “Stage One Innovation”, “Stage Zero Innovation” or “The Beginning of the Pipeline”. As soon as such a frame work is found, which is doubtfull, it will be brought to this group's attention!. If I am not mistaken the Project Management Institute uses the word Body of Knowledge (BoK) instead of framework.

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