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Micro-diversity of interaction results in variation having the potential to result in transformation, i.e. novelty - essential to the evolution of the business organization. In human organizations, micro-diversity and the resulting variation, is a result of human interaction in the living present.

The engine of transformative causality is micro-diversity, where micro-interpretations, result in variation, which results in novelty, and ultimately in a global transformation. The iterative interactive process sustains continuity with potential transformation at the same time. Variation arises in micro-diversity of interaction, resulting in transformation. In iteration, the continuity of identity is always open to change.

Self-organization is then a process of interaction characterized in an essential way by paradox and the emergence of the truly unknowable. What is being so organized is identity. Micro-diversity of interaction is a process that produces novelty, the creatively new that has never existed before.

Micro-diversity of interaction is a form of pluralism.