punctuation of experience

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What is ""out there"" for humans to experience is a mass of rapidly changing data. In order to make some sort of sense of this flow of potential input, we punctuate it, we parse, group, ignore, etc. the flow of input. What we experience, i.e. how we punctuate our experience, is dependent on our world view or mental models.

Diane Allen on punctuation of experience --
My presentation is a matter of demonstrating, how, in this instance, I have chosen to punctuate my experience: what I decide is the start, and the finish. Punctuation of experience is arbitrary, and is related to what we understand is change (Bate son, 1964 & 1971, pp.287-301). Indeed, one of the processes of changing perception, to allow another way of discerning experience, is to change the punctuation of experience. It is part of what is decided is context, and relevant, over against what is incidental, irrelevant. Punctuating experience and options in punctuating experience are learned by and from experience. If this report challenges traditional forms, it may well be a result of seeking to deal with change, and the report itself may need to be reflexive at this point - it may need to be different, to make a change, and thus demonstrate what it is endeavouring to argue.

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