strategic capabilities

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Strategic capabilities refer to the capabilities of the members of the organization that enable the formation and deployment of strategy in pursuit of a sustainable advantage. Working within the strategic management framework, capable people are woven into effective processes, inspired by the business design construct, and compelled by purpose to create the competencies of the business organization that produces advantage.

Tiers of capabilities --
There are three tiers of capabilities, from the basics to the advanced capabilities needed to sustain advantage --

  1. Leadership & Management
    • leadership
    • discipline
    • communicativeness
    • concern
    • courage
    • creativity
    • analytical thinking
    • systems thinking
    • perspective skills - judgment & flexibility to have the right reaction for the situation
    • pattern recognition
    • strategic thinking
    • intuition
    • business savvy
    • entrepreneurship
    • learning
    • development
  2. Innovation
    • creativity
    • learning -- for self-development and an adaptive learning organization
    • development
    • uniqueness
    • strategic focus
    • strategic intent
    • innovation
    • continual innovation
    • democratic principles (Ackoff)
    • strategic management as a self-improving learning process
    • dynamic capabilities (Teece)
    • synergistic process integration -- business model synergy and harmony
  3. Business Architecture
    • capability creation - harness imagination to produce distinctive competencies and value
    • synergy creation - Innovative designs with uniquely synergistic networks of business model elements
    • modularity in design - Optimization of structure, complexity, and economies
    • adaptability - design in adaptive learning and continuous innovation
    • business model types - e.g. complex, volume, value disciplines