strategic control

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Where there is strategic planning, there is a need for strategic control. ""The impetus for thinking about strategic control arose out of practical experience: often companies had serious difficulties responding in a timely manner to planning failures and unexpected developments, due to their lack of information about the ongoing validity of the chosen strategic plan."" (Schreyögg and Steinmann, 1987).

""'Strategic control focuses on the dual questions of whether: (1) the strategy is being implemented as planned; and (2) the results produced by the strategy are those intended.' This definition refers to the traditional review and feedback stage which constitutes the last step in the strategic management process. (Schreyögg and Steinmann, 1987).

Shortcomings of the traditional feedback framework of strategic control --
""Placing strategic control in this traditional feedback framework is inadequate and, as a result, fails to capture the innovative essence of the idea of strategic control."" (Schreyögg and Steinmann, 1987)