mission statement

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Mission statement characteristics ( Ackoff, 1999a, pp 125-127) --

  • It should contain a formulation of the firm's objectives that enables progress toward them to be measured. To state objectives that cannot be used to evaluate performance is hypocrisy. A mission statement either guides the behavior of the firm or it is of no value.
  • A company's mission statement should differentiate it from other companies. It establishes individuality, ideally uniqueness.
  • A mission statement should define the business that the company wants to be in, not necessarily what it is in. Regardless of how diverse it is, the business should find a unifying concept that enlarges its view of itself (expands and challenges management to think in terms of possibilities) and simultaneously bring it into focus.
  • A mission statement should be relevant to all the firm's stakeholders. The mission should state how the company intends to serve each of them. Especially look for it to motivate non-managerial employees.
  • A mission statement should be exciting and inspiring. It should motivate all those whose participation in the pursuit is sought.
  • A mission does not have to appear to be feasible, only desirable.