community of purpose

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The community of purpose specifically includes the top leadership team of the business organization, those united by a common purpose. But it also extends to all of the stakeholders, current or potential, who will embrace the purpose of the community - adding strength to the community.

Steps to creating a community of purpose (Source: Mourkogiannis, 2005, pp 168) -

  • Create a top tea, all of whose members are leaders.
  • Make efforts to be ""one of us"" - reduce excessive salary differentials, demonstrate respect, and socialize widely.
  • Spend time on the ""front line"" - answering customer calls, working on the shop floor.
  • Tell identity stories that project the group's purpose and aspirations.
  • Present the purpose in ways that make it emotionally real for colleagues - for example by bringing them face to face with the consequences of their actions.
  • Engage in dialogue with individuals and groups, acting as a moral coach, awakening their purpose.
  • If necessary deploy some of the techniques of dependency: Develop corporate rituals, bestow and withdraw favor to cement loyalty to the group.